Cyberpunk 2077: Best Weapon and Armor Mods

Cyberpunk 2077: Best Weapon and Armor Mods

January 9, 2021 0 By jess
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In Cyberpunk 2077, appearances aren’t really everything, but having the best weapon and armor mods can help. Having the coolest outfit or weapons loadout doesn’t have to be pretty in a single-player game. They just need to be effective. Here’s a guide to the best weapon and armor mods in Cyberpunk 2077.

Know Before You Mod

There are a few tips worth noting before you equip mods on your gear:

  • Save your best mods for higher level weapons and armor. Once a mod is attached to a gear item, it cannot be removed without the required perk. This means that mods equipped on gear items will be disassembled with the gear items they are attached to.
  • Grab the Waste Not Want Not perk, which salvages mods attached to weapons and clothing upon dismantling. This requires Technical Ability attribute level 16 and can be found in the Crafting skill tree.
  • Common and Uncommon gear items do not provide any mod slots.
  • Rare armor items come with one mod slot. Epic armor comes with two, and Legendary armor comes with three mod slots. The inner torso and outer torso may come with four mod slots.
  • Weapon mod slots vary by weapon.

Best Weapon Mods in Cyberpunk 2077

Crunch – Ranged Mod

The Crunch mod increases a weapon’s Damage accordingly:

  • Common mod adds 6 Damage
  • Uncommon mod adds 7 Damage
  • Rare mod adds 8 Damage
  • Epic mod adds 9 Damage
  • Legendary mod adds 10 Damage

The Crunch mod is sold by various vendors in Night City. It can also be crafted at the Epic and Legendary tiers. To craft your own, pick up the Crunch Crafting Spec from the 2nd Amendment weapons vendor near V’s apartment.

Pacifier – Ranged Mod

The Pacifier mod increases Crit Damage for each tier as follows:

  • Common mod adds 6% Crit Damage
  • Uncommon mod adds 8% Crit Damage
  • Rare mod adds 10% Crit Damage
  • Epic mod adds 12% Crit Damage
  • Legendary mod adds 14% Crit Damage

You can buy an Uncommon Pacifier mod from the vendor near V’s apartment. Higher tiers of this mod can be purchased at the weapon shop in Wellsprings, Heywood. There, you can also purchase the Pacifier Crafting Spec.

Cold Shoulder – Melee Mod

The Cold Shoulder melee mod can be purchased from Coach Fred near V’s apartment. It is a Rare mod that increases melee Damage by 7.

Best Armor Mods in Cyberpunk 2077

Armadillo – Clothing Mod

The Armadillo mod increases Armor from 2 to 150, depending on mod level. It grants the following Armor increases based on tier:

  • Common mod adds 20% Armor
  • Uncommon mod adds 40% Armor
  • Rare mod adds 60% Armor
  • Epic mod adds 80% Armor
  • Legendary mod adds 100% Armor

Various tiers of this clothing mod can be found throughout Night City. However, you can buy Rare versions of this mod at the Trailer Park in the Badlands and at Reconciliation Park in the City Center.

Predator – Clothing Mod

Predator is a Legendary clothing mod that increases Damage dealt to enemies by 25%.

It can be purchased at the Avante Clothes Shop in Westbrook for a hefty price of more than 80,000 Eurodollars.

Dead Eye – Clothing Mod

Like the Predator mod, Dead Eye is a Legendary clothing mod that can be purchased at the Avante Clothes Shop. Its price tag is also significant at more than 90,000 Eurodollars.

It increases Crit Chance by 15% and Crit Damage by 30%, making it one of the best armor mods in Cyberpunk 2077.