Destiny 2: The Hammer of Proving Guide

Destiny 2: The Hammer of Proving Guide

February 14, 2021 0 By jess
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With the Season of the Chosen underway in Destiny 2, many players want to know how to get the Hammer of Proving. This guide addresses how to unlock, use, and upgrade this season’s artifact.

The Hammer of Proving is the seasonal artifact for Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen. It will come in handy as Guardians progress through the season, especially in the new Battlegrounds activity.

How to Unlock the Hammer of Proving

To unlock the seasonal artifact, complete the Decrypting the Darkness and Challenger’s Proving quests. Both quests are fairly straightforward and will introduce you to Battlegrounds. They will also help you to access all the HELM has to offer.

Upon completion of these quests, you will earn Battlegrounds rewards and some Umbral Engrams. You will also gain access to the Hammer of Proving, which can be found on your Quests screen.

How to Use the Seasonal Artifact

The Hammer of Proving is primarily used in Battlegrounds. Earn Cabal Gold to infuse the artifact with an Etched Challenger Medal. Once the Hammer is infused with the Etched Challenger Medal, you can use it to smash loot crates at the end of each Battlegrounds activity.

Not only will you earn loot from smashing these crates with your Hammer, but you will also earn a Hammer Charge. This can be used at the HELM along with Legendary Shards and an Umbral Engram to unlock gear exclusive to Season of the Chosen.

How to Earn Cabal Gold

Throughout this season, you can earn Cabal Gold for just about any in-game activity. However, Vanguard strikes grant the quickest progress at 14 Cabal Gold per strike. Gambit and Crucible matches, on the other hand, only award 8 Cabal Gold per match.

You can also earn Cabal Gold from participating in dungeons and public events. But since the Etched Challenger Medal costs exactly 14 Cabal Gold, a single strike will do the trick.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Cabal Gold, select the Hammer from the Quests screen. Then you can infuse the Etched Challenger Medal in the artifact’s mod slot.

How to Upgrade the Hammer of Proving

To upgrade the seasonal artifact, you must visit the HELM and increase your War Table reputation. To increase your War Table reputation, you must complete the weekly challenges offered at the War Table.

After your first War Table rank, you can unlock the Tribute Chest I enhancement, which will grant you one Cabal Gold for every smashed Battlegrounds crate.

The Tribute Chest I enhancement is required to continue upgrading the Hammer of Proving. As long as you continue to complete the weekly War Table challenges, you will be able to upgrade the artifact throughout Season of the Chosen.