Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris Rewards (12/18 – 12/22)

Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris Rewards (12/18 – 12/22)

December 20, 2020 0 By jess
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Trials of OsirisĀ kicks off its first official weekend in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, offering new and powerful rewards for progress and completion of the competitive PvP event.

Every Trials weekend offers its own unique set of rewards, which are offered not only for Flawless runs, but also at the third, fifth, and seventh win.

From December 18th through the 22nd, Guardians can play through Trials on the Bannerfall map for a shot at earning the rewards listed below.

Trials of Osiris Rewards: 12/18 – 12/22

  • 3 Wins – class-specific chest piece
    • Hunter: Vest of the Exile
    • Titan: Plate of the Exile
    • Warlock: Robe of the Exile
  • 5 Wins – Exile’s Curse, Arc fusion rifle
  • 7 Wins – Eye of Sol, Kinetic sniper rifle
  • Flawless RunĀ – The Summoner (Adept), Solar auto rifle
    • Adept Mod: Targeting

Adept Weapons in Beyond Light

Beyond Light brings Adept weapon rewards back to Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2. For those who are unfamiliar, Adept weapons are extra-powerful Pinnacle weapons that come with stat boosts and an Adept Mod slot.

In Beyond Light, Adept weapons are the ultimate reward for those who play Trials. Not only are they some of the most powerful weapons in the game; they are also only earned after Flawless runs, which makes them a rare and highly sought-after reward.

In other words, gather your fireteam, put on your best gear, purchase a Trials Passage from Saint-44, and get ready to sweat, because the already-high stakes of Trials have been raised in Beyond Light.

Weekly Trials Updates

Trials of Osiris is expected to be held each weekend, starting on Fridays at 10am PT and ending at the Tuesday reset.

For more information on how to play Trials of Osiris in Beyond Light, check out this base guide. You can also stay posted with The Gamer Grind for weekly updates on each weekend’s Trials maps and rewards.