Destiny 2’s Season 13 Rewards are Still Available

Destiny 2’s Season 13 Rewards are Still Available

June 3, 2021 0 By Ivy
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Bungie has made it easier than ever to redeem your Destiny 2 seasonal rewards on their website.

Normally the seasonal rewards menu is found only in-game but is now available on This makes it very convenient for Destiny 2 players who missed out on certain loot rewards from the previous season, Season of the Chosen. Now you can cash out on some very valuable and exclusive gear. Keep in mind that half of the seasonal loot is only available to season pass holders. The season pass for season 13 was available for individual season purchase or through the Beyond Light Digital Deluxe editions. Season 13 ended on May 11th, 2021 which makes some gear no longer available until future releases of that loot.

To unlock rewards you missed last season, just visit the link here, log in to your account, and scroll through the menu to see and claim your rewards. The Seasons Rewards Menu is available by clicking on your profile icon, season progress, and then selecting previous season. There is also a list underneath of all unclaimed rewards which you can use to claim your rewards as well.


Also, you’ll only be able to claim reward loot for season levels you successfully completed. If you don’t own the season pass, you can still redeem seasonal loot, but not all of it. The bottom set is only active for season pass holders, while the top set is available to everyone for free. Unlocking rewards is based on playing through the game and earning experience points. Each Season has a total of one-hundred season ranks and close to two-hundred total reward items.

Season of The Chosen Rewards Menu

The New Season

The current season on Destiny 2 is Season 14, Season of the Splicer, which focuses on a band of Fallen who have taken refuge in the Last City, adds new items and gear to the already expansive loot pool, and brings back some old Destiny favorites like The Vault of Glass Raid.


Destiny 2 is Free To Play, available at and playable on Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X, PC, and Stadia.