Genshin Impact: Birthday Gifts Guide

Genshin Impact: Birthday Gifts Guide

January 18, 2021 0 By jess
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In Genshin Impact, birthdays are cause for gifts and celebration. Not only do you receive gifts for your character on their birthday, but also for all other characters when their special day arrives.

Happy Birthday, Traveler!

Genshin Impact asks players to add their birth date early on in the game. You can choose to input your actual birthday if you like. Or, you can simply decide that your Traveler’s birthday is today if you want to collect your gifts immediately.

Either way, you will receive a birthday gift on the date you chose, every year. Once this date is set, it cannot be changed. However, you will still be able to claim your birthday gifts within a year of the date you set. After a year, your rewards will expire if unclaimed.

On your Traveler’s birthday, you will receive a message in your Mail containing your birthday gift: Cake for Traveler. Open this up to receive two Fragile Resin. Each Fragile Resin restores 60 Original Resin, which are used towards certain boss rewards as well as to get rewards from Abyssal Domains and Leyline Blossoms.

On top of this pretty sweet cake, you’ll also receive unique birthday wishes from every character in the game you have unlocked. To find these messages, check out the Voice-Over tab on each character’s profile. If characters are unlocked after your Traveler’s birthday, you will still be able to access retroactive birthday wishes from the newly unlocked characters.

Other Characters’ Birthdays

Genshin Impact celebrates the birthdays of all other playable characters with gifts, too. Each character, whether locked or unlocked, offers you their own unique present. Just be sure to collect the rewards from your Mail within 30 days of each birthday, before they expire.

The following lists all other characters’ birthdays:


  • 1/18 – Diona


  • 2/14 – Beidou
  • 2/29 – Bennett


  • 3/3 – Qiqi
  • 3/14 – Jean
  • 3/21 – Noelle


  • 4/17 – Xiao
  • 4/30 – Diluc


  • 5/27 – Fischl


  • 6/1 – Paimon
  • 6/9 – Lisa
  • 6/16 – Venti


  • 7/5 – Barbara
  • 7/20 – Childe
  • 7/27 – Klee


  • 8/10 – Amber
  • 8/26 – Ningguang
  • 8/31 – Mona


  • 9/7 – Chongyun
  • 9/9 – Razor


  • 10/9 – Xianqiu


  • 11/2 – Xiangling
  • 11/4 – Xinyan
  • 11/20 – Keqing
  • 11/26 – Sucrose
  • 11/30 – Kaeya


  • 12/31 – Zhongli