Genshin Impact Hangout Events Guide for Series I

Genshin Impact Hangout Events Guide for Series I

March 17, 2021 0 By jess
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Genshin Impact introduces Hangout Events with the new Version 1.4 updateInvitation of Windblume. With Hangout Events Series I, players can hang out with Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett in dating-style side quests.

Hangout Events Series I Requirements

Before you can participate in the Hangout Events Series I, you will have to be Adventure Rank 26 or higher. You will also need to complete the new Archon Quest, “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom.”

Once you have met these prerequisites, you will need to earn Story Keys. These can be earned by completing Daily Commissions. For every 8 Daily Commissions completed, you will earn one Story Key. Each Hangout Event requires 2 Story Keys to unlock.

Heartbeat Value

During the Hangout Events, it’s important to pay attention to your Heartbeat Value. Every dialogue choice you make will affect the Heartbeat Value. This can be either a positive or negative effect, so be careful to make the right choices.

While every answer you choose affects the Heartbeat Value, it also influences the progression of the story. If you pick the wrong answer, you will fail the quest.

Fortunately, if you do fail a quest, you will be able to replay the Hangout Event for no additional cost of Story Keys. This goes for any part of the Hangout Events, so don’t fret if you fail one.

Hangout Events Series I Characters

Click through each of the following characters to access their individual Hangout Events guide:

Rewards for Successful Completion

Just as you can replay a part of each of the Hangout Events if you fail them, you can also replay each one to receive a different ending. Each ending has its own set of unique rewards.

That said, all endings reward players with 100 Adventure EXP. Play around with as many options as you like to gain different rewards.