Genshin Impact Update 1.3 Coming in February

Genshin Impact Update 1.3 Coming in February

January 23, 2021 0 By jess
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Genshin Impact update 1.3 is set for February 3rd, with a new trailer from miHoYo offering a preview of what’s to come. Shown below, the trailer centers around the new Lantern Rite event and highlights a wealth of fresh content. This includes the arrival of a 5-star hero named Xiao, a new boss, seasonal activities, and so much more.

Lantern Rite Activities

Celebrate Teyvat’s New Year with Liyue Harbor’s annual Lantern Rite festival. During this event, Travelers can help Liyue’s locals and partake in seasonal activities. One such activity is Theater Mechanicus, a new tower defense strategy game exclusive to Lantern Rite.

Another activity, called Five Flushes of Fortune, will require Travelers to take photos with a camera they obtain from a vendor named Ji Tong. Each day, Travelers will have 10 chances to take photos of a designated subject with their Kurious Kamera. Successful completion of each daily camera quest will award a photograph bearing one of five colors. Once all five colors have been collected, the Traveler can earn a Fortune Trove containing Primogems and other material rewards.

Xiao, A New 5-Star Hero

The Lantern Rite festival brings in a new 5-star playable character named Xiao, the Vigilant Yaksha. Use this hero’s elemental burst to increase his damage at the expense of his health. During the Lantern Rite event, Travelers can accompany Xiao, “Conqueror of Demons,” and learn about his life as guardian of Liyue.

Travelers who are Adventure Rank 23 and up can unlock Xiao’s Story Quest without having to use a Story Key, but only during the Lantern Rite festival. After this event, players will need to be Adventure Rank 32 or higher to unlock his Story Quest, which will also require a Story Key.

Vishap, A New Boss

Genshin Impact‘s version 1.3 update also brings in a new boss type, called a Vishap. This massive enemy appears to wield many elemental powers. It also seems likely that these formidable Vishap bosses will be found guarding numerous areas of the game world with this update.

New Resources and Rewards

During the Lantern Rite festival, Travelers can obtain new resources and rewards. A daily login event will grant 10 Intertwined Fates. Additionally, other festive activities will give Travelers the chance to earn over 1,600 Primogems and a slew of resources, including the Crown of Insight. Finally, Travelers will be able to choose one of six 4-star characters from Liyue to add to their party.

genshin impact update 3.1 free 4 star characters heroes

Pick Your Free 4-Star Hero

  • Xiangling – Pyro
  • Xinyan – Pyro
  • Beidou – Electro
  • Ningguang – Geo
  • Xingqiu – Hydro
  • Chongyun – Cryo

Improvements to the Resin System

According to developers in the miHoYo FAQ, the 1.3 update will make two major improvements to the resin system.

Original Resin Cost

The first adjustment will decrease the Original Resin cost associated with many in-game events. “All events in Version 1.3 that do not require challenging Ley Line Outcrops or Domains will not consume Original Resin,” developers state. “The vast majority of large-scale events in future versions will also not consume Original Resin.”

Fragile Resin Rewards

The second change to the resin system will add more Fragile Resin rewards in upcoming battle passes. Starting with update 1.3’s first battle pass, Travelers will get one Fragile Resin for every ten levels, beginning at battle pass level 5.

More Features of the 1.3 Update

To add to all of the content highlighted above, Genshin Impact‘s Version 1.3 will add a bunch of new features. For example, the Archive will display information on defeated enemies and discovered creatures, and the Profile screen will allow Travelers to showcase up to eight of their heroes. Finally, a new gadget called the Parametric Transformer will enable Travelers to turn excess resources into something more useful.

That’s a lot of new features for one free game.