How to Play Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

How to Play Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

December 20, 2020 0 By jess
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After some delays, Trials of Osiris is back in Destiny 2 for Beyond Light. As always, the classic 3v3 Elimination-style game mode offers Pinnacle weapons and armor rewards. In Beyond Light, however, Flawless runs are now awarded with Adept weapons. This makes the challenge more rewarding than ever before. If you want to jump in on the action, here’s how to play Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

How to Play Trials of Osiris

Starting Out

Trials of Osiris is now available every weekend from the Friday reset through the Tuesday reset, or 10am PT. It is available to all Guardians Power level 1210 and up, regardless of whether or not they’ve purchased the Year 4 expansion.

Because it is a 3v3 event with no matchmaking, you will need to grab a couple of friends to help you fight through to the Lighthouse, where Pinnacle rewards await.

To start, head to Saint-14 at the Tower Hangar to grab your Trials Passage. Once you have the Passage, head to the Crucible playlist with your three-person fireteam and enter Trials.

Trials Passages

Passages are your key to Trials. There are five different Passages you can purchase from Saint-14:

  • Mercy – Always available; forgives one loss per run
  • Ferocity – Always available; with zero losses, your third win grants a bonus win
  • Confidence – Unlocked after going Flawless; grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest
  • Wealth – Unlocks after five wins; increases Trials tokens from match wins and completion
  • Wisdom – Unlocks after seven wins; grants bonus XP

Passages can be used throughout a weekend and can be reset at any time during that weekend. You can only use one Passage at a time, but may switch it as you unlock new ones. However, keep in mind that Trials progress resets after the purchase of a new Passage.

Go Flawless and Earn Rewards

The first team to win five matches in this Elimination-style event wins a round. Win seven consecutive rounds to go Flawless and enter the Lighthouse.

Though going Flawless is the fastest way to reach the Lighthouse, consecutive wins are not required to earn rewards. You will earn rewards after three, five, and seven wins.

As teams get closer to reaching the Lighthouse, they will be matched against players of similar success. This is designed to even the playing field and should give teams a fighting chance at winning.

You can also lose up to three matches before having to restart on your progress towards victory. If you lose three matches, you will have to purchase a new Passage from Saint-14 and restart your Trials run.

Earn and Use Trials Tokens

You will earn tokens simply for participating in Trials. Tokens can be spent with Saint-14 to purchase new drops of gear you’ve already earned in Trials.

However, any tokens you earn in one weekend must be spent in the same weekend, before Tuesday’s reset, as they cannot be used at a later date. In other words, use them or lose them.

Earn Adept Weapons in Beyond Light

Beyond Light marks the start of Adept weapons in Trials for Destiny 2. In simple terms, Adept weapons are like the ones previously reserved for Flawless players, only better. This is due to their greater stats boosts and powerful Adept weapon mod slots.

You can only earn these Adept weapons in Trials after completing Flawless runs, and only one is offered during each Trials weekend. That makes the addition of Adept weapons rewards a real game changer for this already challenging PvP event.