Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC Release Dates Revealed

Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC Release Dates Revealed

January 5, 2021 0 By jess
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The first three Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC release dates have been revealed by the Nintendo eShop in an apparent leak. The news comes ahead of any official announcement by Ubisoft, who introduced the expansions prior to the game’s December launch. Read on for the planned release dates of A New God, The Lost Gods, and Myths of the Eastern Realm DLCs.

A New God DLC Release

Set for a January 21st release, A New God comes less than two months after the initial launch of Immortals Fenyx Rising. It is the only expansion of the three that are played as Fenyx, the base game’s hero.

Building on the main story, this expansion sends Fenyx to Olympus. Here, he will overcome the gods’ challenges to carve out his own place as a god in the Greek Pantheon.

The Lost Gods DLC Release

The Lost Gods DLC releases on February 25th. It replaces Fenyx with a new character named Ash. This fresh hero embarks on a journey to reunify the gods and restore balance to Greece.

Work with a new progression and character build system with this expansion. It also features a top-down camera perspective and a new style of combat.

Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC Release

The target release date for the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC is April 1st. Play as a new hero named Ku in a distant land that replaces Greek elements with Chinese mythology.

While exploring the Far Eastern inspired environment, Ku will encounter unfamiliar deities and new enemies on his mission to restore balance between Heaven and Earth.

Season Pass and Gold Edition

Ubisoft introduces the three DLCs as part of the game’s first Season Pass, which costs $39.99 on each gaming platform. Those who have yet to buy the game can save on these DLCs by purchasing the Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition. This option is more cost-effective than buying the Season Pass separate from the base game.

In addition to the Season Pass, the Gold Edition also includes Prism Wings, When the Road Gets Rocky bonus quest, Hades the Shadowmaster character pack, and Orion’s Blessed weapons pack.

immortals fenyx rising gold edition dlc

On a final note, the Nintendo eShop Australia provided these planned release dates for each DLC. However, none of these have been confirmed by Ubisoft and are therefore subject to change.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.